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Adams, John. (1735 - 1826).

L i f e - husband of Abigail Adams, one of history’s best-known First Ladies; father of John Quincy Adams, the 6th US President - received uni education, studied law at Harvard - an all-purpose diplomat for...

Anderson, Maxwell. (1888 - 1959).

W o r k - journalist, playwright, and screenwriter - a fouding member of The Playwrights' Company (included at different times also Elmer Rice, Kurt Weill, & others) - content: a striking variety of topics...

Anderson, Sherwood. (1876 - 1941).

L i f e - born in Ohio, settled in Clyde = imaginatively transformed into Winesburg - received little formal education, appreciated the oral tradition, and his father’s story-telling - became a successful...

Barlow, Joel. (1754 - 1812).

L i f e - born in Connectitut - received university education (Yale) - became an army chaplain to have leisure for writing poetry, then a businessman in France, and finally a consul for US W o r k - his...

Brackenridge, Hugh Henry. (1748 - 1816).

L i f e - served subsequently as a minister, editor, writer, lawyer, and judge - founded the Pittsburgh Gazette, the city’s first newspapaer - also founded the United States Magazine, published poems by...

Bradford, William. (1590 - 1657).

L i f e - colonist in the Plymouth colony, New England - sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 - chief author of the "Mayflower Compact" signed on the ship - thought the Church of England too thoroughly...

Bradstreet, Anne. (1612 - 1672).

L i f e - colonist in New England, Massachusetts - daughter of Thomas Dudley, wife of Simon Bradstreet - thoroughly educated by her father and by diligent reading: Scriptures, Sir Walter Raleigh’s...

Brown, Charles Brockden. (1771 - 1810).

L i f e - considered the 1st professional American novelist - to support himself became a merchant - edited successively 3 periodicals, wrote political pamphlets, and projected a compendium on geography W o r...

Brown, William Wells. (ca 1815 - 1884).

L i f e - son of a black slave and a white slave-owning father - escaped and adopted the name of a Quaker friend helping him to his freedom (dedicated him his first autobiographical book) - supported the...

Bryant, William Cullen. (1794 - 1878).

L i f e - practised law - edited the NY City Evening Post for almost 40 years: one of the most respected voices in the 19th century journalism commenting virtually on every important issue of the time -...

Byrd, William. (1674 - 1744).

L i f e - coloniser in the South, in Virginia - a witty, wealthy, and well-read writer, planter, and government official - moved between London and Virginia: a gentleman and gallant in sophisticated London...

Caldwell, Erskine. (1903 - 1987).

L i f e - born in Georgia x but: left to Maine > a detachment enabling him to write about the American South objectively - travelled the South with his father-missionary priest, and experienced a variety of...

Cather, Willa. (1873 - 1947).

L i f e - born in Virginia x but: moved to the agricultural Nebraska > a deeply rooted regionalism - worked as a NY magazine editor, journalist, and teacher - became a full time writer (1912) W o r k -...

Chesnutt, Charles Waddell. (1858 - 1932).

W o r k - supported by William Dean Howells, received favourable reviews in his Atlantic Monthly, and found a large readership also by white audience - concerned not with slavery x but: the status of...

Chopin, Kate. (1851 - 1904).

L i f e - born Katherine O’Flaherty in a St. Louis family of high social status - the family women pious Catholics x but: herself smoked in society and walked about without company, daring acts for her time -...

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