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Americká literatura

Albee, Edward. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Summary "Act One. Fun and Games." The play opens in a living-room of a house on the campus of a small New England college. As the audience later learns, it is some time after the end of the Second World...

Anderson, Sherwood. "I Want to Know Why".

Summary The story is told retrospectively by an unnamed first-person narrator, aged fifteen at the time of the events, now about a year older. He explains why he writes the story: ‘I’m puzzled. I’m getting to...

Bellow, Saul. "Looking for Mr. Green".

Summary The story is set in Chicago in the depressed 1930s. The third-person narrative follows George Grebe, a thirty-five-year-old lecturer of classical languages, in his new job of delivering relief checks...

Bradstreet, Anne. "As Weary Pilgrim".

Summary She describes the end of a pilgrimage, when the pilgrim delights in his silent site and is now free from dangerous voyages with their burning sun, stormy rains, wolves, lack of water etc. Then she...

Bradstreet, Anne. "Before the Birth of One of Her Children".

Summary and Analysis - a poem of one stanza of 28 lines - melancholy, yet strikingly calm and composed in tone - Bradstreet suffered from rheumatic fever and risked death by each childbirth She observes that...

Bradstreet, Anne. "Contemplations".

Summary and Analysis - a long meditative poem of 33 stanzas rhyming ABAB - both outward and inward contemplations - relates what she sees in the outward world to her inward meditations on the nature of...

Bradstreet, Anne. "The Flesh and the Spirit".

Summary and Analysis - an allegorical poem of 108 lines in 2 stanzas - rhymes AABB with slight irregularities The first person narrator presents a dialogue of two sisters musing on the things past and things...

Bradstreet, Anne. "The Prologue".

Summary and Analysis - 8 stanzas each of 6 lines rhymed ABAB The poet is extremely humble, says she will not write about great persons and subjects of history, since her pen is not worth. Also her subject will...

Bradstreet, Anne. "To Her Father with Some Verses".

Summary and Analysis - a stanza of 15 lines rhyming AABB She pays a tribute to her honoured as well as dear father. She has very little to give this worthy man. Her bond (contract) to him will still remain in...

Bradstreet, Anne. "To My Dear and Loving Husband".

Summary and Analysis - one stanza of 12 lines rhyming AABB with some irregularities She pays a tribute to her husband: "If ever two were one, then surely we". If ever a man was loved by his wife, then it is...

Bryant, William Cullen. "Meditation on Death".

Summary Addresses a lover of Nature. Nature lover can perceive its various language which changes according to the listener's mood: if he is gay, so is the nature, if he is sad, the nature is sympathetic. When...

Bryant, William Cullen. "The Prairies".

Summary The speaker contemplates the prairies which are as fresh as in the state before Adam had sinned. They are unchained; and man has no part in this glorious work. The speaker treads the dust of an old...

Bryant, William Cullen. "To a Waterfowl".

Summary The speaker addresses a waterfowl which walks alone in the setting sun. The speaker is convinced that the fowl will not be discovered by any fowler. It will finish its way to water because there is a...

Caldwell, Erskine. Tobacco Road.

Characters All of the characters are illiterate, coarse, primitive. All are impoverished, starving, barely surviving. Lov Bensey (possibly about 20): A common labourer, employed at the local coat chute where...

Carver, Raymond. "Are These Actual Miles?".

Summary Leo, Toni, and their children are an ordinary American family living in a suburban house. Leo met his wife when she was selling children’s encyclopaedias and made him subscribe even though he did not...

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