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Britská literatura

Amis, Martin. Time's Arrow.

Summary Tod Friendly, America - the everyday life of an old man turning young: each activity being described as it would be done backwards - doctor job: "you have to be cruel to be kind," observes the narrator...

Anonymous. "The Wanderer".

Analysis (from Norton + my own reading) An elegiac lament of one man on the loss of a lord, of companions in arms and of a mead hall. Movingly captures the dreary loneliness of an exile in search of a new lord...

Anonymous. Beowulf.

Introduction (from Norton) - composed in c. 8th century, preserved in a 10th century manuscript - a long elegiac Old English epic reviving the heroic language, style and pagan world of ancient Germanic...

Anonymous. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Background (from Norton) - the finest Arthurian romance in English, by an unknown author presenting it as on oral poem - shows high sophistication and knowledge of the international Middle Ages culture as well...

Arnold, Matthew. Culture and Anarchy.

 "Preface" - added to the essay in 1875 - points out some of the ideas of the following essay and explains some references, esp. to religious works, and allusions to newspapers - the aim of the essay: to...

Atkinson, Kate. "Charlene and Trudi Go Shopping".

Summary - Charlene takes her friend Trudi to buy a present for Charlene's mother - as they stroll in the shopping malls, they develop their fantasies about an ideal world, love and present - all against the...

Atkinson, Kate. "The Cat Lover".

Summary - a fantasy story mingling a dystopian version of England swayed by strong winds and magic realism in describing a lonely woman's want for a child - the protagonist: Heidi, the twin sister of Trudi...

Austen, Jane. Northanger Abbey.

Summary Trip to Bath: Catherine Morland, aged seventeen, is the eldest daughter out of ten children of Mr Richard Morland, a clergyman, and his wife. The family lives in Fullerton, Wiltshire. Catherine...

Bainbridge, Beryl. The Bottle Factory Outing.

Summary Characters - Freda (26): British; 190cm, 108kg; well dressed, make-up; actoress castings. - Brenda (32): British; thin; from a good family, marries a rude man, whom she leaves; does not care how she...

Brooke, Rupert. "The Soldier".

Summary - the speaker imagines he would be killed in action and turned into dust in a foreign land - the vision of his dead body turning the part of the "foreign field" where it would lie into England and...

Browning, Elizabeth. "How do I love thee".

Summary - the speaker answers her rhetorical question and counts the ways in which she loves - loves in all the dimensions her soul can reach, in each moment of each day and night, etc. - in her love finds the...

Burney, Frances. Evelina.

Summary Volume One Evelina's Family History: Lady Howard from Howard Grove, Kent, announces to Reverend Arthur Villars from Berry Hill, Dorsetshire, that Madame Duval from Paris wishes Villars's ward, her...

Butler, Samuel. Erewhon; Or, Over the Range.

Summary "Preface to First Edition" "The Author wishes it to be understood that Erewhon is pronounced as a word of three syllables, all short—thus, Ě-rě-whŏn" (p. 5). "Preface to Second Edition" The author...

Butlin, Ron. "Vivaldi Learns a New Skill".

Notes - playful magic realism - set in Venice where the composer Vivaldi is always late for rehearsals and there is rumour about the now old man and the two sisters who care for him - the young girl Bianca...

Byron, George Gordon. "She Walks in Beauty".

Summary - the black-haired woman with pale skin = a clear night with the stars shining - admires the perfect harmony of her beauty ("One shade the more, one ray the less" would already spoil the impression) -...

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