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Bryant, William Cullen. "To a Waterfowl".


The speaker addresses a waterfowl which walks alone in the setting sun. The speaker is convinced that the fowl will not be discovered by any fowler. It will finish its way to water because there is a Power who protects it. The dark is coming close and so is the way of the waterfowl which will soon be together with its fellows.

Though the waterfowl disappears, there is a lesson which the speaker will keep in his mind. Like the waterfowl, he is also guided, and though alone, his steps will be lead aright.


  • Author

    Bryant, William Cullen. (1794 - 1878).
  • Full Title

    "To a Waterfowl".
  • First Published

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Works Cited

Bryant, William Cullen. "To a Waterfowl". In: The Norton Anthology of American Literature. Ed. Nina Baym et al. NY: Norton, 1989.


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