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Jeffers, Robinson. "Shine, Perishing Republic".


- the speaker harshly condemns the contemporary vulgarity of America and finds comfort in the knowledge of an inevitable end of all things

- introduces the natural image of a flower turning to fruit and then turning to earth and so finishing the cycle to return back to "mother"

- somewhat qualifies his previous critical statements: admits life to be good and allows for its continuation with the ironical exclamation of the title

- announces that he will save his children from the mankind, as he considers human race an "insufferable master", having killed the "noblest spirits", including that of Jesus



- free verse, unrhymed

- the ironic tension between his contempt for human race and his own belonging to it

- the theme of death but at the same time subtle hints on regenerative rebirth


  • Author

    Jeffers, Robinson. (1887 – 1962).
  • Full Title

    "Shine, Perishing Republic".
  • Form


Works Cited

Jeffers, Robinson. "Shine, Perishing Republic". The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers. Stanford: Standford University Press, 2001.


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