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Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. "Fata Morgana".


The speaker keeps on hearing a song which tempts him from one place to another. He always follows the illusion only to be disappointed when he attempts to grasp it and it disappears. Only the melody of the song continues day and night. He feels like a weary traveller who sees a lake with a pleasant shade in a desert. The speaker wanders on and on to pursue the city of the song, and waits for the vision to reappear.



- simple, avoids complicated figures of speech

- melancholy in tone, but suggesting firm resolution

- suggests the poet's difficulty in finding and grasping poetic inspiration

- express the poet's desire to reach a great poetic achievement and so to enter the city of a song


  • Author

    Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. (1807 - 1882).
  • Full Title

    "Fata Morgana".
  • Form


Works Cited

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. "Fata Morgana". The Poetical Works of Longfellow. London: Frederick Warne, 1900.


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