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Butlin, Ron. (b. 1949).

L i f e

- born and educated in Edinburgh where he still resides

- Writer in Residence at the University of Edinburgh (1982 and 1985), Novelist in Residence at the University of St Andrews (1998-1999), now a freelance journalist for the Sunday Herald

W o r k

- poet, novelist, short story writer, librettist, playwright, and journalist

The Tilting Room (1983):

- his first collection of short stories

> won him the Scottish Arts Council Book Award

Ragtime in Unfamiliar Bars (1985):

- a poetry collection

> won him the Scottish Arts Council Book Award

The Sound of My Voice (1987):

- a novel concerned with a respectable executive with a house in the suburbs, nice wife, and children

- seemingly an embodiment of Thatcherite values x but: a chronic alcoholic whose life is about to disintegrate

Vivaldi and the Number 3 (2004):

- a collection of playful vignettes about great composers and philosophers

- uses unusual and entertaining angels, and the methods of magic realism and surrealism

- Vivaldi removes his creative block by God's gift of the number 3, Seneca tests the validity of stoicism by taking up residence in 21st century Edinburgh, etc.

Belonging (2006):

- a novel with a Scottish drifter character who spends his days sneaking into empty homes of the super-rich with his girlfriend and enjoying himself

- contrasts the unsettled man x his girlfriend who wants commitment

- uses discomforting settings of Paris and a Spain's hippie commune, and threads of terrorism and natural disasters

- follows the characters in their struggle to put down roots and finally to achieve a kind of "belonging"


(Photo: Serpent's Tail).

  • Author

    Ron Butlin (b. 1949). Scottish.
  • Work

    Journalist. Novelist and short story writer. Poet. Playwright and librettist. Author of Vivaldi and the Number 3 (2004).
  • Genres

    Modern fiction, poetry, and drama. Journalism.


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"It's been only two weeks since Vivaldi learned to walk upon water, a real time saver in Venice. But for a man who normally writes a concerto faster than anyone can copy it, he's been slow to master this new skill."

From "Vivaldi learns a new skill" in Vivaldi and the Number 3 (2004).


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