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Byron, George Gordon. "She Walks in Beauty".


- the black-haired woman with pale skin = a clear night with the stars shining

- admires the perfect harmony of her beauty ("One shade the more, one ray the less" would already spoil the impression)

- associates the chants of her appearance with the virtue and innocence of her character



- a poem of an elaborate compliment to a lady (not necessarily a love poem)

- the poet was inspired by his meeting his beautiful young cousin in a black mourning gown brightened with spangles

- the Romantic idea of physical appearance telling about the person's character (a beautiful woman = a virtuous woman)

- the Romantic interest in the mysterious aspect (the metaphor of the night and the black colour of the lady's hair and clothes suggests a mystery)

- the Romantic interest in pain and suffering (the lady is in mourning, but is beautiful in her grief)


  • Author

    Byron, George Gordon. (1788 - 1824).
  • Full Title

    "She Walks in Beauty".
  • First Published

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Works Cited

Byron, George Gordon. "She Walks in Beauty". (1815). In: The Norton Anthology of English Literature. Ed. M. H. Abrams. NY: Norton, 1993.


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