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Cary, Joyce. (1888 - 1957).

W o r k

" T h e  F i r s t  T r i l o g y " :

- each novel is narrated by one of the characters at the end of their lives

- each of the characters fails to fulfil their personal objectives due to the conflicting elements in their personalities

Herself Surprised (1941):

- narrated by a country girl, lover to both other male protagonists

- seeks upward mobility x but: her appetite for life causes her to lose her home and status

To be a Pilgrim (1942):

- narrated by a conservator of the past preserving the family fortune

- seeks to become "a pilgrim" x but: his conservatism prevents him from leaving his restricted life

The Horse's Mouth (1944):

- narrated by a Blake-obsessed painter, unconventional and unsentimental

- seeks to lose himself in creation x but: only one of his paintings (an unfinished one) is preserved

" T h e  S e c o n d  T r i l o g y ":

- concerned with politics and its background

- in style similar to his First Trilogy: three novels narrated by three characters, one woman and her two lovers

Prisoner of Grace (1952), Except the Lord (1954), and Not Honour More (1955)


"It's dangerous for you to talk, you're very seriously ill." "Not so seriously as you're well. How you don't enjoy life, mother. I should laugh all round my neck at this minute if my shirt wasn't a bit on the tight side." "It would be better for you to pray." "Same thing. mother."

From the conclusion of The Horse's Mouth (1944).


(Photo: Britannica).

  • Author

    Arthur Joyce Lunel Cary. (1888 - 1957). Irish.
  • Work

    Novelist. Author of The Horse's Mouth (1944).
  • Genre

    Modern novel.


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