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Cullen, Countee. (1903 - 1946).

L i f e

- born in NY City, abandoned by his parents at birth, and brought up by his grandmother

- later adopted by a Methodist Reverend in Harlem, accepted his name

- received university education in a primarily white community

=> lacked his own experience to comment on the lives of other Afro-Americans or to use popular Afro-American themes in his writing

- started writing poetry when 14, had his poems published in The Crisis, The Opportunity, Poetry, & others

- became an assistant editor of The Opportunity

- befriended with the prominent figures of the Harlem Renaissance

- married W.E.B. DuBois's daughter x but: they divorced after two years

W o r k

Color (1925):

- his 1st collection of poems

- published the same year he graduated from college

The Black Christ (1929):

- a long narrative poem


- describes a childhood trip to Baltimore


"Now I was eight and very small, / And he was no whit bigger, / And so I smiled, but he poked out / His tongue, and called me, 'Nigger'".

From "Incident".


(Photo: Carl Van Vechten. 1941. Source: Wikimedia Commons).

  • Author

    Born Countee LeRoy Porter. Accepted the name Countee Cullen. (1903 - 1946). African-American.
  • Work

    Poet. Novelist. Figure of the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Genres

    Modern poetry and fiction.


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