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Freneau, Philip. "On the Religion of Nature".


The speaker praises the blessed power of nature whose liberal hand gives the products of the year.

The nature also makes one incline to the path of virtue. Were all the people acknowledging the religion of nature, they would know how to create a heaven on earth.

He is looking forward the day when this happens, then there will be no persecution necessary, and only then the man's religion will be complete.



- a poem of natural observation and at the same time contemplation of humanity

- considers flora rather than fauna, so avoids mentioning carnivorous beasts, which would not fit into the peaceful portrayal


  • Author

    Freneau, Philip. (1752 - 1832).
  • Full Title

    "On the Religion of Nature".
  • First Published

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Works Cited

Frenau, Philip. "On the Religion of Nature". (1815). In: The Norton Anthology of American Literature. Ed. Nina Baym et al. NY: Norton, 1989.


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