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Galloway, Janice. "Not Flu".


- an investigation into the relationship of Rachel and Peter

- Peter invites a Dutch friend to their home to practise the language

- Rachel fails not only in communication with the Dutchman because she does not speak the language but also in communication with Peter

- Peter falls sick and Rachel attends to him, but from her point of view, the problem is "not flu"



-  concentrates on building up atmosphere rather than action

- the silent tragedy of failing communication

- the different worlds of men and women: Rachel tries to intrude in the company of Peter and his Dutch friend and is rejected


  • Author

    Galloway, Janice. (b. 1955).
  • Full Title

    "Not Flu".
  • First Published

    In: Where You Find It. London: Jonathan Cape, 1996.
  • Form

    Short story.

Works Cited

Galloway, Janice. "Valentine". Where You Find It. London: Jonathan Cape, 1996.


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