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Gascoyne, David. (1916 - 2001).

W o r k

S u r r e a l i s m :

A Short Survey of Surrealism (1935):

- one of the most determined British apologists for the surreal experiment

Man’s Life is This Meat (1936) and Hölderlin’s Madness (1938):

- collections of often obsessively odd poems

- includes his own surrealist work and his translations of French surrealists

“Figure in a Landscape’:

- enacts a kind of ritual awakening nodding to the iterations of Eliot

“The Seventh Dream is the Dream of Isis”:

- intermixes the extraordinary, the challenging, and the unapologetically silly

- dispenses with capital letters and with punctuation

W a r  P o e t r y :

Poems 1937-1942 (1943):

- an illustrated collection of poems from the period of his stay in Paris

- shifts from surrealism towards a more explicitly religious sensibility

A Vagrant and Other Poems (1950) and Night Thoughts (1956):

- collections of his later metaphysical and religious poems

“Farewell Chorus”:

- greets the ‘New Year 1940’ x but: laments at the uneding war

“Walking at Whitsun”:

- wonders at an ‘inhuman’ and ‘unreal’ English landscape haunted by war


"the pavements of cities are covered with needles / the reservoirs are full of human hair / fumes of sulphur envelop the houses of ill-fame / out of which bloodred lilies appear"

From "And the Seventh Dream is the Dream of Isis" (1933).


(Photo: Squidoo).

  • Author

    David Gascoyne. (1916 - 2001). British.
  • Work

    Poet. Author of Hölderlin's Madness (1938).
  • Genres

    Surrealism. War poetry.


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