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Green, Henry. (1905 - 1973).

W o  r k

< influenced by his domestic circumstances during WW I when the family house became a convalescent home for wounded officers

< the attempted suicide of one of the officers, his brother's death, "the lists of the dead each day in every paper" => reinforced in him an acute awareness of morality

Living (1929):

- concern: the commonplace rhythms, repetitions, and deprivations of Birmingham factory life

- style: highly abbreviated, eliminates definite articles and adjectives, experiments with verbless sentences

- the son of a factory owner reflects on a way of life monotonous for all classes the same: being born, going to school, working, being married, bearing children, and dying

- a brief interruption of the monotony: an exploited girl attempts to escape to Canada with her lover x but: returns to the routines of her life in Birmingham on finding out that she was not happy as she expected

Party Going (1939):

- concern: a young and smart set of party goers is delayed in their train journey for several hours by fog

- the group resort to the station hotel and look down on the masses of less privileged travellers below them

- their trivial gossip is overshadowed by the sudden illness of one girl of the group and by the raised subject of an air raid

Loving (1945):

- concern: servants of an upper-class family in Ireland during WW II


"Don't be afraid of life. Everything settles itself in the end."

From Concluding (1948).


(Photo: NY Times). 

  • Author

    Henry Vincent Yorke. Aka Henry Green. (1905 - 1973). British.
  • Work

    Novelist. Author of Living (1929).
  • Genre

    Modernist fiction.


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