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H.D. (1886 - 1961).

W o r k

- pioneered the modernist poetry: contributed to Imagism, Vorticism, & other such movements

- concerned with the experience of a woman and the psyche adrift in a violent and insecure reality

- felt the tension btw the private x public sphere, submission x resistance, compliance x rebellion

- followed E. Pound to England with a lady who was in love with Pound and whom she was in love with > created a pattern of emotionally charged and somewhat restrained bisexuality working for her

- used images from nature: the austere landscapes of sea, sand, and wind x the exotic flowers, shells, and jewellery

- contrasted sterility x fruitfulness, intellect x passion, control x abandon, grief x joy

- an imagist:

(a) vivid phrasing, compelling imagery, no abstraction, and no generalisation

(b) free verse and a short poetic line

Sea Garden (1916):

= a collection of her poems published originally in little magazines and anthologies

Hymen (1921):

= a collection of her poems in a new boldly meditative style

Helen in Egypt (1961):

= an epic poem inspired by Greek poetry and Homer’s Helen of his Iliad

- a feminist deconstruction of male-centered epic poetry

- a female response to E. Pound's Cantos


"No one knows the colour of a flower / till it is broken".

From "Electra-Orestes".


(Photo: Wikipedia).

  • Author

    H(ilda) D(oolittle). (1886 - 1961). American.
  • Work

    Poet. One of the expatriates.
  • Genres

    Modernism. Imagism. Vorticism.


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