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Hardy, Thomas. "Hap".


- the speaker expresses his profound sense of general unfulfilment, emptiness, and meaninglessness

- contrasts two opposing situations: a graphic and brutal description of a malevolent God punishing man for his own enjoyment x an even more discomforting realisation of the perfect indifference of "Casualty" causing the tragedies of man

- the speaker would prefer to be tortured by a "Powerfuller" being than himself rather than to remain ignored and unnoticed by the abstract chance or "hap"



- laments the burden of ignorance of human beings who do not know whether to blame God or mere chance for their misfortunes

- the speaker is tormented by lack of certainty in life

- cries for justice even if this should include just punishment


  • Author

    Hardy, Thomas. (1840 – 1928).
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Works Cited

Hardy, Thomas. "Hap". Collected Poems. Ware: Wordsworth, 2006.


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