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Hardy, Thomas. "The Man he Killed".


- the speaker muses about the unexplainable irony in the nature of war

- contrasts two situations: the meeting with a stranger in a pub results in a friendly talk x the meeting with the same man in war results in shooting on both sides and the stranger's death

- staggers at the question how he came to kill his fellow human being, does not arrive at any satisfying answer except for "Just so", because he was his "foe"

- does not achieve any kind of solution and is left wondering how "quaint and curious war is!"



- regularly rhymed

- caesuras and disruptive pauses suggest the inability to find the answer the speaker seeks


  • Author

    Hardy, Thomas. (1840 – 1928).
  • Full Title

    "The Man he Killed".
  • Form


Works Cited

Hardy, Thomas. "The Man he Killed". Collected Poems. Ware: Wordsworth, 2006.


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