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Hardy, Thomas. "Weathers".


- the speaker expresses his deep love and appreciation for the landscape and its seasons, here specifically the spring with its chestnut spikes, nightingales, showers, etc.

- compares his love to the weather described to that of the cuckoo x his shunning of the weather to that of the shepherd

- contrasts the 1st stanza which expresses his love to the weather, describing its positive aspects x the 2nd stanza which expresses his dislike to the same weather, describing its negative aspects (overflowing rivers)



- highly melodic: uses repetitions and paraphrases (each line begins with either "this", "when", or "and"), employs a refrain ("And so do I")

- the speaker's obvious love to the weather and nature in general seems to be so profound to be reconcilable with his dislike for certain aspects of the nature without the essence of his love being changed


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    Hardy, Thomas. (1840 – 1928).
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Works Cited

Hardy, Thomas. "Weathers". Collected Poems. Ware: Wordsworth, 2006.


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