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Kelman, James. (b. 1946).

W o r k

- a libertarian socialist/anarchist: committed to issues of social justice and traditional left-wing causes

- preocuppied with labyrinthine struggles with authority, the search for specific local identity, and the effects of the global on the regional

- concerned with anti-heroic rebels who alienate themselves from society

- writes first person internal monologues in the Glaswegian vernacular

A Disaffection (1989):

- a working-class character enters the world of the middle-class through his teacher education x but: recognizes the repressive power of the system and deliberately quits his job to return to his original environment

How late it was, how late (1994):

- follows an ex-convict from his coming to consciousness after a two-day drinking marathon, through his being arrested and beaten up, to his finding out he was blinded and his coming to terms with the difficulties it brings

> won him the Booker Prize

The Good Times (1998):

- a collection of short stories


"Ye wake in a corner and stay there hoping yer body will disappear, the thoughts smothering ye; these thoughts; but ye want to remember and face up to things, just something keeps ye from doing it, why can ye no do it; the words filling yer head: then the other words..."

The opening of How late it was, how late (1994)


(Photo: Douglas Robertson).

  • Author

    James Kelman. (b. 1946). Scottish.
  • Work

    Novelist. Short story writer. Playwright. Essayist. Author of How late it was, how late (1994).
  • Genre

    Postmodernism. New Scottish Renaissance of 1980s and 1990s.


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