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Kennedy, A. L. "A Perfect Possession".


- an intimate confession of parents attempting to supress what they consider evil in their child by the means of their love to the boy and to God 



The Title

- the complete ("perfect") possession of a child by his parents

- "perfect" as a quality the parents seek to achieve in their boy

The Child

- a boy of about six, apparently physically and mentally suffering

- strikes the reader as a very normal child possessing qualities natural for a boy of that age

The Parents

- rigid church-goers, believers in the Original Sin (see their conception of a child as a sin) and in the depravity of human race (thence also the depravity of their child)


  • Author

    Kennedy, Alison Louise. (b. 1965).
  • Full Title

    "A Perfect Possession".
  • First Published

    In: Now That You Are Back. London: Cape, 1994.
  • Form

    Short story.

Works Cited

Kennedy, A. L. "A Perfect Possession". Now That You Are Back. (1994). London: Vintage, 1995.


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