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Lochhead, Liz. (b. 1947).

W o r k

- a Scottish dramatist, poet, performer, screenwriter, and translator

- typically uses a vigorous Scots vernacular

- preoccupied with the Gothic in both her dramatic and poetic works

- often translates and adapts other writers' works x but: uses them as metaphors commenting on the contemporary condition of women

- preoccupied with women as mother figures and the usurpation of maternity

- struggles to redeem the energies spent in the clashes of sexual difference

Dreaming Frankenstein (1984):

- a collection of poetry

- examines female sexuality, especially concerned with the Scottish working class woman

- uses leitmotifs of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Tartuffe (1985):

- an adaptation of Molière's play translated into Scots

Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off (1987):

- a play on the bloody aspects of Scottish history

- concerned with the supplement and substitution of the mother, in this case Mary as the historical mother of Scottish Modernity

> a huge success of the Edinburgh Festival where it was first performed

Dracula (1989):

- an adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel

- on the liberating effect of vampirism on female sexuality

Medea (2000):

- an adaptation of Euripides's play

- explores the condition of the wrong and vengeful mother


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  • Author

    Liz Lochhead. (b. 1947). Scottish.
  • Work

    Playwright. Poet. Author of Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off (1989).
  • Genres

    Postmodern drama and poetry. Gothicism.


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"She said she / woke up with him in / her head, in her bed. / Her mother-tongue clung to her mouth’s roof / in terror, dumbing her, and he came with a name / that was none of her making."

From Dreaming Frankenstein (1984).


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