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Moore, Marianne. (1887 - 1972).

W o r k

- promoted the modernist poetry: re-established and edited the originally Transcendentalist magazine The Dial as an avant-garde magazine

< E. Dickinson: though Dickinson was established only in her own 20s

< English religious writers: grew up in strict Presbyterianism

- felt the tension between the religion x the multiplicity and aesthetic diversity of life

- concerned with the essence of poetry, and the relationship between poetry x reality

- characteristic by thematic simplicity (nature, animals, etc.) x but: formal precision

- concentrated on stanzas, paid attention to the visual side, and dismissed the rhymes

- applied the rules of imagism to the American experience x but: frequently used sarcasm (her “England” both celebrated x doubted America)

- introduced the ‘syllabic count’, based on the Roman languages: measured verse by the number of syllables in each line (not by stress or quantity), regardless whether stressed or unstressed

- frequently quoted => made her poems mosaics or collages of many pieces arranged to fit together

Poems (1924):

= her 1st collection of poems

- published without her knowledge or permission by H. D.

Observations (1921):

= a collection of poems including mostly reprints from the former

Poems of distinction: "Poetry", "The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing"


"In the meantime, if you demand on the one hand, / the raw material of poetry in / all its rawness and / that which is on the other hand / genuine, you are interested in poetry".

From "Poetry".


(Photo: Carl Van Vechten. 1948. Source: Wikipedia).

  • Author

    Marianne Moore. (1887 - 1972). American.
  • Work

    Poet. Advocate of syllabic verse.
  • Genre



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