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Poe, Edgar Allen. "Israfel".


In Koran, Israfel is an angel with the most beautiful voice of all the God's creatures.


The speaker announces that there is an angel, Israfel, whose heart-strings are a lute. When he sings, the stars themselves cease their hymns to listen. The moon herself is in love with Israfel. The Levin pauses in heaven and so do the Pleiads when Israfel sings. All agree that Israfel's fire owes much to his lyre. The speakers celebrates Israfel's song and wishes him a long life.

The speaker however observes that above in heaven there are but ecstasies, while the earth bellow is sweet as much as sour. If Israfel dwelt where the speaker does, his song would not be so perfect. And if the speaker dwelt where Israfel does, his own song would be better.


- a poem in the Romantic vein

- pays tribute to beauty

- implies a complaint about the difficult conditions of an artist


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    Poe, Edgar Allen. (1809 - 1849).
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Works Cited

Poe, Edgar Allen."Israfel". (1831). In: The Norton Anthology of American Literature. Ed. Nina Baym et al. NY: Norton, 1989.


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