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Pound, Ezra. "The Rest".


The speaker express his sorrow and sympathy for the enslaved artists of his country. His portrayal of the conditions of his fellow countrymen points out that they are being restrained and controlled, mistrusted and spoken-against, they are poor and helpless. He addresses the lovers of beauty and suggests that they might think about exile as he did himself.


- the poem protests against the conditions of artists in America

- recommends exile as a proper solution

- the title may suggest both "having a rest" in exile or the "remnant" of his countrymen whom the speaker addresses


  • Author

    Pound, Ezra. (1885 - 1972).
  • Full Title

    "The Rest".
  • First Published

  • Form


Works Cited

Pound, Ezra. "The Rest". (1916). In: The Norton Anthology of American Literature. Ed. Nina Baym et al. NY: Norton, 1989.


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