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Rosenberg, Isaac. "Louse Hunting".

Summary and Analysis

- a condensed series of stark yet forceful images of the blackly grotesque struggle of the man against the louse

- the 1st stanza evokes the sound (the multiple curses and shouts of the soldier), the 2nd the visual image as reflected in the wildly dancing shadows thrown by the candlelight on the wall

- at first one soldier is woken up by the louses, then all the others strip and join the raging battle of the supreme "gargantuan" against the "supreme littleness"

- the violence of the imagery evokes an actual clash of enemies in war; the attack of the louses at night ("When our ears were half lulled / By the dark music / Blown from Sleep's trumpet") may evoke attack from ambush


  • Author

    Rosenberg, Isaac. (1890 - 1918).
  • Full Title

    "Louse Hunting".
  • Form


Works Cited

Rosenberg, Isaac. "Louse Hunting". The Norton Anthology of English Literature. Ed. M. H. Abrams. NY: Norton, 1993. 


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