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Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. "The Blessed Damozel".


- the title: "damozel" = a poetic expression for "damsel", a young unmarried lady

- the author claims to have meant the poem as a reversed version of Poe's "The Raven", expressing the grief and "yearning of the loved one in heaven"

- the speaker, a lover abandoned at earth, describes the sorrow of the damsel; communicates her utterances, sights, and tears he claims to hear; gives comments and explanations in brackets (explains a single day in heaven counts for ten years at earth, etc.)

- the damsel, his love abandoned at heaven, spends her days leaning over "the rampart of God's house", tries to penetrate the heights to catch the sight of her lover, and sadly observes the lovers around her "newly met"

- at night she develops a vision of what will be when she is reunited with her lover, her voice resembles that of the stars: firmly believes the prayers of her and her lover will be "a perfect strength", St Mary will approve her wish, and God allows her to be reunited with her love

- conclusion: there is a light of angels passing by, but it soon ceases, and the damsel cries


  • Author

    Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. (1828 - 1882).
  • Full Title

    "The Blessed Damozel."
  • Form


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