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Sandburg, Carl. "Dust".


The poem opens with an image of dust which was once a rose in a woman's hair. The image is further developed in that the dust was once a woman with a rose in her hair. The conclusion broadens to include anything which once existed and now is turned to dust.


- a brief condensed poem

- free verse, enjambments

- repetitions

- simple, non-figurative language

- resembles Sandburg's poem "Last Answers": in both poems "dust" is the last answer

- a simple yet profound and universal metaphysical idea: the world's beginning was dust and its end will be dust, too


  • Author

    Sandburg, Carl. (1878 - 1967).
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Works Cited

Sandburg, Carl. "Dust". The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg: Revised and Expanded Edition. NY: Harcourt, 1970.


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