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Scott, Walter. (1771 - 1832).

W o r k

- creator of the 19th century historical novel and historical romance

- presents a romantic view of Scottish past: alters the order of events to suit his ends, makes fictional heroes meet historical ones, etc.

- exposes his protagonists to conflicting ways of seeing, thinking, and acting, suggests an evolutionary clash of opposites leading to a progressive future

> achieved a broad popular understanding of Scottish history and culture

S c o t t i s h  N o v e l s :

Waverley (1814):

- set in the mid-18th century, follows the gradual involvement of the Englishman Waverley in the ‘Forty-five Jacobite Rising’ attempting to restore the Stuart kings to the throne

Guy Mannering (1815):

- set in the late 18th century, concerned with the fortunes and misfortunes of the protagonist as predicted on his birth by the eponymous astrologer

Rob Roy (1817):

- set in the early 18th century in ‘The Fifteen Jacobite Rising’, follows the journey of an Englishman to the Scottish Highlands to collect a debt stolen from him

Old Mortality (1816) and The Heart of Midlothian (1818):

- parts of a 7-volume series also known under the collective title Tales of my Landlord

N o n - S c o t t i s h  N o v e l s :

Ivanhoe (1820):

- set in the late 12th century, concerned with the son of one of the remaining Saxon noble families among at the time overwhelmingly Norman nobility

Kenilworth (1821):

- set in the 16th century England in the reign of Elizabeth I

Redgauntlet (1824):

- probably his finest non-Scottish novel, concerned with the dying flame of Scottish Jacobitism

P o e t r y :

- narrative poetry of energetic and rushing metre, varying line-length, and wandering stress within the lines

Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border (1802 - 1803):

- a collection of previously uncollected folk ballads and his own verse

The Lay of the Last Minstrel (1805):

- a narrative poem concerned with a 16th century family feud

Marmion (1808), The Lady of the Lake (1810), Rokeby (1813)


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  • Author

    Sir Walter Scott. (1771 - 1832). Scottish.
  • Work

    Novelist. Poet. Author of the "Waverley Novels".
  • Genres

    Romanticism. Historicism. Ballad.


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"Norman saw on English oak. / On English neck a Norman yoke; / Norman spoon to English dish, / And England ruled as Normans wish; / Blithe world in England never will be more, / Till England's rid of all the four."

Verses from Ivanhoe (1820).


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