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Smith, Stevie. "Do Take Muriel Out".


- the speaker urges an unknown addressee to take the lonely Muriel out

- Muriel seeks in vain her friends, all gone to far away places, and sadly returns home to pray

- the last stanza reveals the identity of the addressee as Death x but: assures Muriel will be happy with the outing even when taken out by Death



- free verse, irregularly rhymed

- ballad-like: simple, repetitive, tragic

- detached point of view: does not wail Muriel's tragedy x simply contemplates facts

- themes of loneliness, ageing, and dying


  • Author

    Smith, Stevie. (1902 - 1971).
  • Full Title

    "Do Take Muriel Out".
  • Form


Works Cited

Smith, Stevie. "Do Take Muriel Out". Collected Poems. London: Penguin, 1985.


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