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Smith, Stevie. "Not Waving but Drowning".


- a poetic snippet describing the death of a man from the different perspectives of the drowned one and of those discussing his death

- generally people think he drowned as a result of a heart attack caused by the cold weather

- the dead one moans and complaints about his always being misunderstood: it was not the cold x but: he was too far to be heard, more far than people thought, and "not waving but drowning"



- free verse, rhymed refrain

- ballad-like: direct speech, the irrational or supernatural in the speech of the dead man, etc.

- sadly contemplates the last tragic misunderstanding between the man and the world which never achieved any understanding of him


  • Author

    Smith, Stevie. (1902 - 1971).
  • Full Title

    "Not Waving but Drowning".
  • First Published

    In: Not Waving but Drowning. London: Andre Deutsch, 1957.
  • Form


Works Cited

Smith, Stevie. "Not Waving but Drowning". (1957). Collected Poems. London: Penguin, 1985.


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