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Spender, Stephen. "Seascape".


- the speaker describes the smooth surface of the ocean = essentially unmoving, permanent

- the ocean mirrors the objects on the shore, absorbs the sounds from the shore, and swallows the butterflies in a "ritual sacrifice"

- the ocean consumes even ships, cities, etc.



- irregularly rhymed

- the awing superiority of the ocean capable of "ritual sacrifice"

- the fearful powerfulness of the ocean capable of swallowing man-made creations

- fascination by the almost god-like quality of the ocean 

- awareness of the smallness of human beings and their inconsequential actions


  • Author

    Spender, Stephen. (1909 - 1995).
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Works Cited

Spender, Stephen. "Seascape". Collected Poems. 1928 - 1985. London: Faber and Faber, 1990.


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