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Thomas, Dylan. "In my craft or sullen art".

Summary and Analysis

- irregularly yet skilfully rhymed

- melodic: regular poetic line; keeps the reader attentive throughout the whole poem through the irregular end rhyme

- the slightly self-deprecating speaker establishes an image of himself labouring on poetry at night while "the lovers lie abed" embracing not so much each other as rather "the griefs of the ages"

- refuses to be undertaking his labour for fame or money, or out of any public (politic?) or artistic conviction

- announces to be writing out of a simple conviction of "heart" and for the common "lovers" who do not even pay heed to it


  • Author

    Thomas, Dylan. (1914 - 1953).
  • Full Title

    Untitled, the first line is used for identification.
  • Form


Works Cited

Thomas, Dylan. "In my craft or sullen art". Collected Poems 1934 - 1953. London: Dent, 1995.


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