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Thomas, Edward. "Adlestrop".

Summary and Analysis

- a relatively regular pattern of end rhymes, occasional internal rhymes

- a series of fragmented impressions as perceived from a train "unwontedly" stopping at the village of Adlestrop

- relative simplicity in the choice of words = reinforces his simple love of the English countryside

- a lyric descriptive nature poem, begins with "Yes, I remember Adlestrop — / The name…", and simply describes how his train stopped at the village with no man to be seen and no sound to be heard except for the hissing of the steam

- describes the simple beauty of the landscape culminating with a sudden outburst by a blackbird song followed by songs of blackbirds "Farther and farther, all the birds / Of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire."


  • Author

    Thomas, Edward. (1878 - 1917).
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Works Cited

Thomas, Edward. "Adlestrop". The Norton Anthology of English Literature. Ed. M. H. Abrams. NY: Norton, 1993. 


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