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Wain, John. (1925 - 1994).

W o r k

- author of novels, short stories, poems, radio plays, and literary criticism

- poetry: dry, cerebral, and witty poems associated with ‘The Movement’

- fiction: associated with Angry Young Men

Hurry on Down (1953):

- his first and most famous novel

- together with Kingsley Amis’s Lucky Jim and John Braine’s Room at the Top a leading example of the fiction produced by the ‘Angry Young Men’

- an account of the picaresque career of an unsettled uni graduate’s deliberate flight down the social scale into increasingly unpropitious occupations

Strike the father dead (1962):

- the lower-case letters in the title indicate the non-conventional manner

- follows a young jazzman's rebellion against his conventional father

A Winter in the Hills (1971):

- a rampageous comedy

- focuses on a linguist's researches in North Wales

Young shoulders (1982):

- a sensitive study of juvenile bereavement

- a young boy faces the death of loved ones

Where the river meets (1988) and Comedies (1990):

- Bildungsromanen: follow a young person's growth to maturity

- draws on his knowledge of Oxford where he studied and later lectured


"This book-amber-clear, cool and with a good head-deserves a thoughtful swig even from people who never drink."

John Wain


(Photo: Spisovatelé cz).

  • Author

    John Barrington Wain. (1925 - 1994). British.
  • Work

    Novelist. Playwright. Poet. Critic. Author of Hurry on Down (1953).
  • Genres

    Angry Young Men. The Movement. 


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