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Welsh, Louise. (b. 1965).

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The Cutting Room (2002):

- a crime novel about a Glasgow auctioneer who accidentally comes across a series of photographs showing a woman before and after she is murdered and feels compelled to find out what happened

- the first person narrator is a pub regular, heavy smoker, sexually active gay man, quick to violence if provoked x but: also compassionate, courageous, and looking for love

Tamburlaine Must Die (2004):

- a novelette told in the form of a hastily compiled document of evidence by the poet Christopher Marlowe, recounting the events leading up to what he believes and the reader knows will be his death

- weaves together a convincing fiction of political manoeuvrings, betrayals, and misplaced loyalties

The Bullet Trick (2006):

- a present-day murder mystery set largely in Germany and Scotland, examining female vulnerability and the male (mis)use of power


"Whatever the future be, if you are reading this, you read the words of a man who knew how to live and who died an unnatural and unjust death. And what follows is the true record of the circumstances leading to my assassination."

From the opening of Tamburlaine Must Die (2004).


(Photo: Jerry Bauer).

  • Author

    Louise Welsh. (b. 1965). Scottish.
  • Work

    Novelist. Short story writer. Non-fiction writer. Author of The Cutting Room (2002).
  • Genres

    Literary fiction. Crime fiction.


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