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Amis, Kingsley. (1922 - 1995).

L i f e - youth: a radical member of the Communist Party x middle age: a conservative anti-Communist, disillusioned with the USSR - father of Martin Amis, a lifelong friend of Philip Larkin W o r k A n g r y...

Amis, Martin. (b. 1949).

L i f e - son of Kingsley Amis W o r k - a novelist, short story writer, and literary critic - concern: the absurdity of the post-modern condition, the excesses of late-capitalist Western society, and the...

Arnold, Matthew. (1822 - 1888).

L i f e - son of Dr Thomas Arnold (1795 – 1842): a clergyman, headmaster of the Rugby School, and the godfather of Victorian earnestness - preoccupied with creating a system of education for the...

Atkinson, Kate. (b. 1951).

L i f e - born in England, currently resident in Edinburgh W o r k - magic realism: blends everyday life with fantastic events - introduces an anti-Family Saga: a tragi-comic parody of the traditional family...

Auden, Wystan Hugh. (1907 - 1973).

L i f e - sympathised with the Left in the 1930s - became an American citizen (1946) W o r k 1 9 3 0 s  P e r i o d : - the poet of his times: diagnoses the ills of his country under Depression - employs...

Austen, Jane. (1775 - 1817).

W o r k - concern: getting married = the central preoccupation for young leisure-class ladies with no other career than domesticity open to them - characters: provincial English gentlefolk = a...

Bainbridge, Beryl. (b. 1932).

W o r k - writes black comedies with eccentric characters exposing human folly and self-deception - uses merciless, sardonic, even macabre humour x but: sympathetic to her characters, both male and female -...

Banks, Iain. (b. 1954).

W o r k - writes literary fiction as Iain Banks and science-fiction as Iain M. Banks L i t e r a r y  F i c t i o n : - characterized by restraint style, swift pace, mordant wit, attention to detail, and...

Barrett-Browning, Elizabeth. (1806 - 1861).

L i f e - unusually educated for a woman of her time: studied Latin, Greek, history, philosophy, and literature - married Robert Browning, eloped with him to Italy: deeply involved in Italian nationalist...

Beardsley, Aubrey. (1872 - 1898).

L i f e - died of TBC when not yet 26 years old W o r k I l l u s t r a t i o n s : - the most controversial visual artist of the ‘Art Nouveau’ era (1890s – beginning of the 20th...

Beerbohm, Max. (1872 - 1956).

L i f e - studied Oxford where he became a part of the Oscar Wild set - considered a great wit and entertaining companion x but: exhausted his inspiration by the age of 35 - followed G. B. Shaw as a drama...

Bennett, Arnold. (1867 - 1931).

W o r k - a traditional writer accepting literary conventions => famous and successful in his time - his favourite setting: the five drab towns of the Staffordshire Potteries - his favourite image: a hotel...

Blake, William. (1757 - 1827).

W o r k - poet, painter, engraver, and illustrator - illustrations for his poems = an integral and mutually enlightening combination of words and design - ‘illuminated printing’ = his own method of relief...

Bowen, Elizabeth. (1899 - 1973).

L i f e - born and spent her childhood in Ireland (Bowen’s Court) x but: settled in England W o r k The Last September (1929): - her early novel, concerned with the tensions in the history of her...

Braine, John. (1922 - 1986).

L i f e - involved with a local theatre > inspired the themes of his Room at the Top & other novels - suffered from TBC, treated in a sanatorium > inspired his The Vodi W o r k - author of some 15...

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